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Xtreme DHT Inhibitor & Total Hair Nutrient™ is a 3-in-1 natural dietary supplement designed to arrest pattern hair thinning in both men and women of all ethnicities.

This formula helps to protect the hair from the harmful effects of DHT, the major cause of hair thinning, as well as to provide all the essential hair nutrients lacking in
our daily diet. 


A one step oral solution that gives your hair the nutrients it needs to thrive optimally while fighting DHT with 8 DHT Inhibitors, Xtreme Hair Nutrition, and a unique Marine Growth Complex™ with ingredients proven to reduce the appearance of hair thinning.


Xtreme DHT Inhibitor & Total Hair Nutrient™ helps the hair to appear stronger, fuller, revitalize faster and was designed specifically to promote longer, more beautiful looking hair.






XTC Total Hair Nutrients 90 Day Supply

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